Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blogger Appreciation Week Contests

The Boston Bibliophile is offering an amazing giveaway: A Graphic Novel Grab-bag. I'm a huge fan of this storytelling medium, and I'd love to win. You can find the contest here. Contest ends 9/18.

We Be Reading is giving away a $25 gift card to a bookdealer. Follow here.


The coolest contest by far is that Kevin Hamilton of IREX is giving away an eReader called the iLiad. It is a device similar to a Kindle, but with a few different perks. Technical info can be found at the website here. The iLiad has a 3G connection and access to the Barnes & Noble catalog, which makes it an amazing reader. It's ultra lightweight (14 oz.) and has expandable memory up to 8GB (about 10,000 ebooks). Also, the reader comes with 50 ebooks installed.

The most important function of an eReader is the versatility. After all, why should someone shell out a lot of money for something if it does not offer benefits? eReaders allow you to zoom in and make words larger if you have trouble seeing. Many offer a backlight for reading in the dark (or when a spouse is trying to sleep). These Readers are revolutionary, allowing you to practically carry an entire library of books in a handheld device.

Another important function of an eReader is that they function as a family member. You can take it on your vacation with you. You can rent a cabin in the mountains and snuggle up on the couch with your Reader. You can take a bath with your Reader, sipping wine and enjoying the mix of fine literature and hot water. You can cook, and while waiting for a pot to boil, read from your Reader. Like a child or a lover, you can spend your days with your eReader, getting to know it personally. You can subscribe to national periodicals and read them on the go.

Seriously, eReaders are a brilliant innovation that gives sight to the way the future of reading will go. Already we spend our days reading computer screens or cell phones, so the transition to eReaders is not far-fetched. With the ease and simpleness of use, owning an eReader like the iLiad would be a great honor.

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